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Veterinarians in Tucson

Veterinarians in Tucson

No matter what part of the country you reside, it is important to select an experienced veterinarian to help you maintain the health of your pet family members.

Choosing a veterinary clinic in Tucson is no different, but our unique environment presents some unusual challenges to the health of your pets that make this decision even more significant.


Our environment can impact our pets with heat stress, wildlife (coyote, bobcat, rattlesnake, javalina) altercations, cactus close encounters, Valley Fever, Tick Fever, even seasonal allergies. Some of these conditions are not unique to Tucson but the way they impact our local pet patients can sometimes be a little unusual. Having an experienced veterinarian in Tucson, someone who has treated lots of these kinds of cases over many years and has seen the wide variety of different ways they present and the challenges encountered during treatment, can make a big impact on the outcome. Tucson veterinarians are constantly seeing these kinds of cases and, over time, develop an understanding of the typical and non-typical patterns they follow.

For example, most dog owners living in Tucson understand that a chronic cough could be a sign of Valley Fever. Some of our patients never seemed to develop that symptom, but may be limping, or have behavioral or neurologic symptoms, or even dermatologic signs – bumps or draining skin lesions. We recently saw a dog that spent ½ the year in Tucsonand the rest in Idaho. The veterinarian out of state did not have the case experience to suspect Valley Fever as a cause for the dog’s limping and draining leg wound that did not respond to antibiotic treatment.


At Sabino Veterinary Care, our veterinarians have practiced for many years in the Tucson community. We have a wealth of experience in treating cats and dogs that share our unique locale. Our newest veterinarian, a native Tucsonan, brings a fresh perspective with cutting edge medical knowledge and the latest advanced treatments and techniques.

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